In December 2015 my Co-Founder and I set out to create a mobile solution that would inform users of line lengths at bars.

In March 2016 we officially launched Lines, an app that crowdsources wait times for venues at Penn State University using adaptive algorithms and geotracking technology.

As CoFounder of Lines, I am responsible for establishing the User Experience and the User Interface of the app. I created the branding for the app, website, and all internal communication materials. I also manage our marketing efforts to effectively communicate our product and brand content that we describe as with aspirational yet achievable.

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The user experience was intentionally short and sweet. Our user is out enjoying their time with their friends, we want to help them make the most of their time by providing information fast and getting them to their destination in two clicks.

The branding and user interface is familiar, elevated, and trustworthy. We decided to present ourselves as a cutting-edge brand and community that users would want to be a part of.